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Review in Progress: Mass Effect Legendary Edition

This is a big game, that will require some big time - Tarkan shares his early thoughts on the Remastered Mass Effect

Update – Partway into ME2

Feels like home.

I can’t say exactly how many times I played through he original Mass Effect 2, I feel like it is somewhere around the 8 or 9 mark, but don’t quote me.

I truly LOVE this game. It was the game that first introduced me to Mass Effect and possibly my favorite in the trilogy.

Everything just seems to flow nicely, from main storyline to the character loyalty arcs.

I won’t lie, there is not a lot that feels different here so far (I am completing all the Ilium missions currently), which is good.

The character models look very good, and the improved details go a long way – Loading times are also notably better. No longer waiting 30 seconds to get the the Commander’s Cabin or traversing through the Normandy.

I have been playing through as Engineer class on Insanity difficulty it has been so great to be able to revisit this iconic sci-fi game once again.

Will update further as I continue to progress.

Update – ME1 Completed

Well, I have now made my way through Mass Effect 1.

Happy to say, the story still holds up really well, and overall it is a very playable game.

I have to say though that I forgot how bogged down in equipment you get throughout this first game. There were a number of times I had to shed new gear into Omni-gel because I ended up with too much, that in itself became a bit of a grind.

Also, in the original impressions, I mentioned I was enjoying the Mako – Well, scratch that. Yes, it is improved, but this first game is so Mako heavy, it is reminiscent of the Batmobile from Arkham Knight. With so many planets to explore for maximum completion, it became somewhat of a slog going through them all, on terrain that wasn’t especially vehicle friendly.

I still feel as though this is the definitive version of this original game in the trilogy, however even with the slick new look, it can’t change that being the original game, the direction of where it was heading gameplay wise was still a bit up in the air. It is still well worth playing to experience the first game and to see first hand the choices that needed to be made, but this one still shows its age a touch more than I like.

Original Post

When it was announced that the Mass Effect Trilogy was getting a makeover, I was very excited.

In fact, as soon as pre-orders became available, I was onto it.

Some might say that this will lead to bias, (probably doesn’t help that ME2 is one of my most played games of all time) but the fact is Bioware have (thus far) done an excellent job of this remaster.

So, exploring has been pretty fun! – Captured on PS5

As it stands, I’m around 12 hours in to Mass Effect 1 and just wow!

I only played through the original once (once it was finally ported to PS3) and while I really enjoyed the story, I really struggled going back to it for a second attempt. It really just felt so dated compared to the other two games.

Well, not anymore! Mass Effect 1 as part of the Legendary Edition looks and plays very slick.

Yes, it is still Mass Effect. Yes the Citadel stuff still bogs you down a little and yes, the Mako can still be a little awkward to drive around, but it has all been updated to look and feel so much better than it ever did.

Those Mako sequences in the original were just so, so bad, but now, they are actually kind of cool. I am genuinely enjoying traversing different worlds!

Loving the Mako – Captured on PS5

Needless to say, I am still plugging away (Default Femshep) and loving it.

Lets talk quickly about glitches, as I have had a couple of silly things happen.

First, while cruising around, the Mako got knocked over onto its roof and I could not get it to roll back over, so I had to leave the planet and land again. Simple fix.

Second, I had one instance of trying to open a door, the door got stuck and from that point my X button couldn’t interact with anything. The fix was to reload my most recent save, which fortunately I didn’t lose much time (the autosaving is a lot more frequent this time round).

Lastly, I have noticed that in combat when using a sniper rifle, enemies seem to pull out of cover and it can get a little choppy. I’m not sure why this happens, but it seems that at least for now it is something I have to live with.

Nothing game breaking, but there you have it.

It is probably worth noting for newcomers that this is not a next gen game.

Particularly with regards to the original Mass Effect, this game was motion captured with technology from 14 years ago. What Bioware have done is make it look a lot better, and play a lot better, but they can’t fix issues like that with a bit of polish.

I’ll update this further as I go along.

By Tarkan

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