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Review: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier S01E06 (Spoilers)

That's a wrap! Tarkan gives us his thoughts on the final episode and sums up his feelings on the series.

There we have it folks, the end of season 1 of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (or should that be Captain America and The Winter Soldier?).

The finale hit a lot of highs, but I do feel as though it also had its share of lows, as some storylines fell short of others.

It was incredible getting to see Sam in full costume and my first thought was how bang on the costume design team got it. Just wow.

Image Copyright Marvel

John Walker’s arc was sadly one that felt a little rushed, he seemingly transitioned back from crazed villian last episode, to doing the right thing again (saving the police vehicle full of GRC members) very quickly. Like, I’m glad he did, I really wanted him to redeem himself but I just wish more went into his arc before seeing seeing it play out. I feel like it lost some heft happening so quickly.

Karli (along with the remaining Flag Smashers) was unsurprisingly killed off, with Sharon Carter both saving her own secret (called it) as well as Sam’s life.

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Her reinstatement working for the US government, followed by her phone conversation highlights more shadows looming over her future within the MCU. I have seen some theories online already suggesting this may be an opening to invite a Skrull invasion into the MCU, and that Sharon isn’t actually Sharon, but I’ll continue to assume she is, at least for now.

The action was great in this episode, but I felt I was getting flashbacks to the Siege of Winterfell in Game of Thrones.

It may have been just me, but I was really struggling to keep up with everything that was happening, due to it all taking place at night. Even on my OLED television, I found it difficult to clearly identify what was happening as it was.

Of particular note, I really enjoyed the way Isiah Bradley’s storyline played out. Seeing this man who had so obviously been scarred by all of the atrocities committed upon him finally rejoice in Sam becoming Captain America and appreciating how he intends to hold others to account was a nice touch, hopefully we will se more of him in the now announced Captain America 4 film when that comes about.

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Bucky’s redemption arc, like John Walker’s also felt somewhat rushed. Again, I would have liked to have seen it go a bit deeper, but hey, at least he owned up to Yori and gave him some kind of closure regarding his son’s death.

Another highlight was Walker being given his black US Agent costume from Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, whose angle we are still not yet certain of. It will be interesting to see where they pop up next.


Ok, this is the hard part.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier finale was good, but it was not nearly as great as it could have been.

Maybe with an extra half hour, they could have wrapped it up a little more neatly, and balanced out the various arcs better.

On the series as a whole, again, it was good and I have enjoyed it, but admittedly, I feel like I have tuned in more due to an unspoken committment to the MCU rather than because it is must-watch television.

Therein lies the problem for Marvel. Track record will only go so far, so I really hope the upcoming shows raise the bar to the level of the films.

Given the limited episode run of these series, I feel as though they would be better served making the shows a little more insular rather than trying to get too ahead of themselves and trying to tell too many stories. Focus first on the primary character arcs and then if there is time and merit to give more, then do so.

Overall, it was decent escapism, but with flaws.

By Tarkan

Thirty-something father of two who stays up later than he should to juggle playing video games, watching TV and working.