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Review: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier S01E05 (Spoilers)

Now the dust has settled on Wandavision, Tarkan takes an episodic look at the next Disney+ series from Marvel

Another cracking episode as the series picks up steam for the finale later this week.

Episode 5 leaps straight into the conflict surrounding last week’s very public execution.

John Walker has snapped and is now a real threat.

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The opening fight sequence is a shining light not to underestimate Walker’s capabilities. It really took Sam and Bucky everything they had to strip him of the shield, including the loss of The Falcon’s wings! I guess we can count this is the final lead up to Sam taking up the mantle of Captain America!

We get to then witness Walker’s Other-Than-Honorable Discharge, from the very same people that elevated him to the level of Captain America – “You built me… I am Captain America” Walker says during the hearing, clearly someone not prepared to let go of the power he had been granted.

It is then we get introduced to a rather surprising cameo in the form of Julia Louis-Dreyfus portraying Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, which brings all kinds of new storyline possibilities straight from the comics. Her attempts to “recruit” Walker point largely to the possibility of seeing more of him through other avenues in the MCU.

We see more of Karli and the Flag-Smashers in what now feels like the weakest element of the series thus far. The Flag-Smashers arc has felt pretty one-dimensional. I don’t feel much empathy for Karli or her crew, especially when all her self-rightous speeches then follow suit with multiple acts of atrocities.

Loose ties are being wrapped up during this episode in the lead up to the finale, with the apparent end of Zemo’s arc at the hands of Bucky and the Dora Milaje. Sad, as I really loved his involvement throughout this story, but glad that he still exists within the MCU so we can see him once again further down the line.

The scene between Zemo and Bucky in Sokovia highlights again Zemo’s preparedness to accept death, and once again he walks away unscathed.

We also got further insight into Isiah Bradley this week, who has very clearly been scarred by the events that took place in his past.

He and his friends who were tested on, were told the shots they were given were “tetanus” shots, unwilling victims of backdoor Super Soldier serum trials. He was then experimented on for 30 years, so you can’t blame him for harbouring ill-will towards his makers.

Sam then returns home to process everything on his mind.

It’s nice to see Sam getting some real interaction with his newly introduced family, even if it seems to be a moot point at this stage.

Bucky’s appearance here was welcome one and you can really start to feel the relationship between the two is developing to more than just mutual acquaintances of Steve. He also dropped off the package the Wakandan’s had given him to pass onto Sam, safe to assume it will be his new costume.

We get to see John meet with Lamar’s family, as he attempts to reassure them that he has enacted vengeance on the person who killed Lamar, even though he hasn’t, not yet anyway. You get the hint that Lamar’s sibling may not have bought into his story as much as her mother and father though.

Sam’s training montage was great, seeing him work so hard to get himself to where he needs to be to take on the mantle of Cap. I’m really excited to see Sam’s take on Captain America in the finale.

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Again we stumble upon Karli who has now recruited Georges Batroc from episode 1, which doesn’t appear to go down well with Dovich. This could be the turning point for the members of the Flag-Smashers who are loyal to the cause rather than Karli.

The infiltration of the GRC by Karli’s forces set the stage for what I suspect will be our first epic encounter next episode, given Sam had been notified by Torres.

It’s a shame we didn’t get to witness the new costume, but it appears we will have a very exciting finale to look forward to later this week.

In addition to everything that got thrown at us, Episode 5 also gave us our first mid-credits scene, where we witness John Walker crafting what appears to be his own shield, will we see this playout in the finale or will this be a lead in to something else?

We have a lot of over-arching storyline’s to be resolved in the coming episode, so hopefully it all comes together nicely.


We had an action intense episode this week, with significant repercussions and fallout from the events of Episode 4.

Sam has finally accepted that Steve was right in giving him the shield and is now ready to step up as the new Captain America.

Cannot wait to see how this all plays out later this week.

By Tarkan

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