Opinion: Not a Cherry Review, but a Tom Holland Appreciation Post

Chris takes us on a journey into his newfound appreciation for English actor, Tom Holland. Some spoilers for Cherry below.

Watching movies with a newborn in the house isn’t easy.

Finding a spare 2 hours to sit down with your partner often requires lengthy planning and consideration.

I first sat down with some spare time to watch a movie 1 week before I finally got to watch Cherry.

It was the first week with the new baby at home.

Cycling through the numerous streaming apps that are a must have these days, I came across a movie that I had seen a trailer for and wanted to see, Cherry. I promptly checked the running time; 2 hours 21 minutes. That’s not going to work right now, I thought. But it did remind me of another Tom Holland movie I had seen the trailer for, Chaos Walking. Run time 1 hour 50 minutes.

Let’s not waste time.

It could be feeding time any minute, and half an hour can feel like an eternity when you still haven’t quite nailed the babies’ routine.

Image Copyright Lionsgate

Chaos Walking was a refreshing take on the Sci-Fi/Adventure genre, with just enough twist and turns to keep you watching. The biggest thing for me however, was watching Tom Holland’s performance, which left me wanting to see more of what this young actor was capable of.

Fast forward a week, and this baby raising stuff got 1 percent easier, we feel we can push it for the extra half hour.

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Cherry is the story of a hard on his luck college dropout who, when his heart is broken by Emily (Played by Ciara Bravo), he decides to join the army so he can feel like he belongs somewhere.

What follows is the downward spiral of a young man who turns to drugs to cope with PTSD and the lengths he is prepared to go to, to maintain that habit.

In some ways, I feel like I have seen this story before; man falls on his luck, turns to drugs and eventually prison, but the storytelling is elevated by an amazing performance by Tom Holland. There are no happy endings to be had here except when the film is over and you realise what you just witnessed from Tom.

I really cannot say enough just how good Tom Holland is in this. I’d go so far as to say that the movie itself is just OK, but I still consider it a must watch, purely for Tom’s performance.

In fact, when this movie finished I turned to my partner and said “Well, that was really depressing”. And sure, just because a movie is depressing doesn’t mean it isn’t a good movie, this just isn’t a stand out film, except for Tom Holland.

I first heard of Tom Holland when it was announced he would be the new Spiderman featuring in the MCU.

Image Copyright Sony/Marvel

When I heard he was taking over the role I had my doubts, after all I’m a big Tobey Maguire Spiderman fan (the first movie at least for sure!) and surely he couldn’t do any worse than Andrew Garfield.

In the end, I liked the new direction Tom’s Spiderman movies took, but there really wasn’t much for him to do to make the role his own, especially with such a known and loved character and working behind a mask.

It wasn’t until, on a whim, I watched the 2020 film “The Devil All the Time” (Another must watch, don’t get me started on Robert Patterson’s performance in this and please consider watching “The Lighthouse” and “Tenet” if you haven’t already) that I started to notice Tom’s ability. In his role in this dark and gritty slow burn thriller, Tom commands your attention. Even when surrounded by seasoned actors and a plot spanning over multiple decades Tom is still the standout.

Despite my depression after watching Cherry, I still thought about Tom’s performances in my sleep deprived, baby raising state for the following week. It forced me to think back to “The Devil All the Time” and the incredible range he has already developed as an actor. I’m genuinely excited to see where his career will go and the roles he takes on in the future, long after he has hung up the webs.

When it was announced he would play Nathan Drake in the film adaptation of the popular video game, Uncharted, again I was sceptical. However, when I heard that the role would be a young Nathan Drake, I got excited as I thought back to watching River Phoenix playing Young Indy in the opening scenes of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. For some reason, those scenes always stood out to me.

Tom Holland is someone I will be paying a lot of attention to in the future, and you should too. He is quickly becoming one of my favourite actors.

Don’t watch Cherry expecting an amazing movie, but do watch it and expect greatness from Tom Holland.

Cherry can be found on Apple TV+

The Devil All the Time can be found on Netflix

Chaos Walking can be found on YouTube, Google Play Movies and TV and Amazon Prime Video

By Chris

With nearly 20 years in the electrical retail arena, Chris has seen tech trends come and go and now, in his role with a major electrical manufacturer, has his hands on the pulse when it comes to the latest tech and how to enjoy everything entertainment, in the home or out.