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Review: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier S01E04 (Spoilers)

Now the dust has settled on Wandavision, Tarkan takes an episodic look at the next Disney+ series from Marvel

Firstly, apologies for not posting a review for Episode 3 last week, with everything happening over the Easter weekend, I simply didn’t have time to get it done sadly.

Episode 4 though, wow!

So much to process within this episode. And that ending!

John Walker demonstrating clearly that he is not cut out to hold that shield with the very public execution of one of the Flag Smashers.

Cannot wait to see the repurcussions of these actions in Episode 5.

Now that I have got that out of my system, lets go back to the beginning.

We start with a flash back to Wakanda, and a scene between Ayo and Bucky where he finally does away with his programming, preventing him from unwillingly being brought into assassin mode. Significant emotional gravitas here.

Flash forward to today, and Bucky is instead locking horns with Ayo over the return of Zemo, who is of course responsible for the death of King T’Chaka.

Image Copyright Marvel

The gang begin searching for Donya Madani, a contact of Karli’s and the Flag Smashers, a lead they were given from Dr Nagel in last week’s episode. The only one to have any luck in the search through Latvia is of course Zemo, who chooses to keep his cards close to his chest for “leverage”.

Between last week’s episode and this one, I’m beginning to suspect that Sharon is actually Powerbroker. A lot can change in five years.

We finally see John show up and early signs suggest his patience has worn thin, highlighting his hot-headed nature. Wyatt Russell is thus far doing a great job of being that character you love to hate.

The team are led to Donya’s funeral, where Sam is given a ten minute limit from an increasingly impatient John.

Naturally, as soon as Sam appears to be making any kind of headway with Karli, John intervenes, throwing everything on its head.

As the chaos begins, Zemo breaks free of his shackles and discovers the super serum during a shootout with Karli, and in line with his character’s hatred of all things super soldier, starts destroying the remaining vials. That is until John gives him a good crack to the head with Cap’s shield. In doing so, John discovers one last vial of super serum and pockets it, you can imagine where this is leading.

Karli is now in the rather awkward position of being hunted by Sam & Bucky, John & Lamar and Power Broker.

Meanwhile, we got a nice little Mexican standoff between Sam’s crew, John and the Dora Milaje. One thing is certain, each week I am reveling in Daniel Bruhl’s casting as Zemo more and more, he really owns the role and his on screen charisma is exceptional.

John’s defeat at the hands of the Dora Milaje in the standoff sets the wheels in motion, all he needed was a small push, which it seems Lamar grants him in a conversation they have afterwards.

This week, we finally discovered the reasoning for the introduction of Sam’s family, and that appears to be for them to be used by Karli as a means to threaten and influence Sam.

Upon meeting him once again face to face, Karli offers up somewhat of an ultimatum.

This meeting is interrupted again by John Walker.

A series of beautifully choreographed fight sequences ensue, and it has now become clear John has taken the serum, “What did you do?” Sam asks after witnessing first hand John’s new abilities.

The pivotal moment however that leads into the heartbreaking ending is John witnessing Karli kill Lamar by punching him into a pylon.

This serves as the catalyst for pushing John Walker over the edge.

And over the edge he certainly goes opting for a very gruesome, public execution of Flag Smasher, Nico.

Image Copyright Marvel


This was a great episode featuring fast paced action, superb choreography and character development, brought about predominantly in Walker’s downfall.

I’m very much looking forward to the fallout of Walker’s actions this coming week.

By Tarkan

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