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Review: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier S01E02 (Spoilers)

Now the dust has settled on Wandavision, Tarkan takes an episodic look at the next Disney+ series from Marvel

Here we are folks, the new Captain America /US Agent has arrived and boy does he make a splash!

Not worrying too much about making friends, John Walker is thrown into the heart of it all and I have to say, I found it a bit of a surprise to see him unmasked and doing PR so soon after donning the shield and being announced, but I guess that is a reflection of modern society and an exercise in branding and about creating buzz around Captain America.

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We see later in the episode when he comes to the assistance of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier however, that without Cap’s super soldier strength, he can’t really hold up against this kind of super enemy (unless he’s holding something back?).

This episode also brought about the teaming up of Bucky with Sam, much to Sam’s disdain.

Bucky, frustrated about Sam’s willingness to freely give up the shield, follows him in pursuit of his lead into the masked terrorists who beat up Joaquin in episode one.

This led to a beautifully choreographed fight scene atop a moving truck, reminiscent of the classic rooftop train fights of old. It also served to highlight that Marvel was not holding any punches with regards to budget, this series is like watching a film play out bit by bit over the weeks.

It appears as though there are four parties at play here in this episode, Sam and Bucky, John and Lemar, Karli and her group of super terrorists and an unknown player who is threatening her (could it be Zemo or someone else?).

We also get introduced to Isaiah Bradley, who it seems Bucky had encountered decades earlier. It appears that despite the death of Dr Abraham Erskine in Captain America: The First Avenger, the super soldier project had not been closed and tests were continuing to be made on unwilling subjects, Isaiah being one of them.

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After this scene, we see the police approach an arguing Sam and Bucky and we get a glimpse of the police racially profiling Sam (or so it felt) until they discovered he was The Falcon, which funnily leads to Bucky’s arrest for having missed his probationary appointment. This then brings about a comical scene between Bucky and Sam as they meet with Bucky’s therapist.

As they leave the station, they have “that” conversation with John, the “you don’t have to work with me, but don’t get in my way” one. This seems to suggest that John will become an antagonist towards Sam and Bucky, and I’m curious to see how this develops over coming episodes.

Our last couple of scenes focus on the masked terrorist group making a getaway on what looks to be a chartered flight and Matias sacrificing himself to help his friends escape, this then leads into Bucky making the suggestion of getting in communication with Zemo, and the episode cuts to Zemo in his cell, and then credits.

There appears to be no further development with either character’s side arcs this week, but I’m ok with it as we got good action and development in the main story.


Another solid episode this week, setting the stage for all kinds of impending clashes. How the pieces will come together are still anyones guess, but hopefully The Falcon and The Winter Soldier keeps its momentum going in the next episode.

By Tarkan

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