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Review: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier S01E01 (Spoilers)

Now the dust has settled on Wandavision, Tarkan takes an episodic look at the next Disney+ series from Marvel

Well, what an opening scene that was!

We got thrown right into action from the get go, seeing a high speed, airborn chase between The Falcon and Georges Batroc in a scene that channeled memories from both the original Iron Man film and the opening from The Dark Knight Rises.

Afterward, a brief interlude with Joaquin (who I am currently suspicious of) cuts away to Sam delivering a speech on symbolism and the impact left behind with the departure of Captain America (at least from the MCU), the blip and the need for new heroes.

It is at this point he “donates” Cap’s shield, and it is during that scene we get a minor cameo from Don Cheadle as James Rhodes.

Rhodes’ inclusion felt a little skin deep, his main purpose seeming to delve further into Sam’s reasoning for not taking up the shield himself.

Captain America casts a long shadow and Sam still appears to be filled with self doubt, not believing in himself as much as Steve clearly did.

We also get introduced to Sam’s family, who each seemingly survived the blip and have had to adapt to life without him for the past five years, in what feels like the weakest part of the story in this episode.

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Bucky on the other hand had opprtunity to shine, and we find him still suffering from trauma.

Visiting a psychologist, Bucky appears to be reliving the heinous acts he once committed as The Winter Soldier through his dreams.

In the dream sequence we see, he takes out his target, and also subsequently takes out an innocent bystander who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As part of his recovery, he looks to be making amends for his past mistakes and so it comes as little surprise that he has befriended Yori, the father of his victim.

This side arc already has me far more invested, the stage has been set for some significant emotional fallout.

The biggest bombshell of the episode however comes in the final minutes, with the government agent we saw standing alongside Rhodey during Sam’s speech earlier, announcing the “new Captain America”.

Very interested to see how this reveal will play out in the next episode.


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier hit the ground running with a good blend of action and drama. So far Sam’s side arc feels a little less engaging than Bucky’s, but we will see how the story plays out over the coming weeks. All in all, a solid first entry into the newest series from Marvel.

By Tarkan

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