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Review: Wandavision Season 1 (Spoilers)

Well, there you have it folks! The first Marvel TV Series to hit our screens as part of the Disney Plus streaming service, and all things being equal it has laid the groundwork for much of what is to come following the fallout of Avengers: Endgame.

You could be forgiven for not knowing what to expect from this show after the first couple of episodes, clearly there was a degree of misdirection going on, but ultimately it seemed as though Wndavision Season 1 served two key purposes; 1. To serve as a true origin story for the Scarlet Witch (which we have never really had) and 2. A way to bring Vision back (or at least some version of him) to the MCU.

Channelling the nostalgia of classic TV sitcoms over a period of decades, Wandavision appeared to take on a very unusual format early on, slipping between various sitcom personas, however once the story began to unravel, it propelled us towards a number of revelations, surprise characters and new heroes.

Throughout the series a big question mark laid over who the villian really was. It was easy to point the finger towards Wanda, however the grieving partner of Vision seemed too simple an answer. Someone had to be pulling the strings, surely? Ultimately though, it was the grief stricken Wanda responsible for controlling the town of Westview and its inhabitants.

With the big reveal of Agnus’s true role in Episode 7, we discovered the real cause of a number of the unusual occurances within Westview, and with the surprise reveal in episode 8 that not all was as it seemed at S.W.O.R.D. it paved the way for quite an epic final episode.

The finale did not disappoint, stacking witch vs witch and synthezoid vs synthezoid.

The action unfolded in spectacular fashion, particularly with Wanda learning her lesson from Agatha last episode and using her own trick against her.

The interaction between the two synthezoids was also highly entertaining, their philosophical conversation happening inside a library no less, and say what you will about him, but i feel as though Paul Bettany was made for this role.

Despite all the online theories that had been circulating (more on that here), Wandavision kept things insular for the finale, focusing more on Wanda, her family and what comes next.

Sadly, we got the reveal that Evan Peters was not playing the Fox X-Men Universe version of Quicksilver but instead “Ralph Bohner”, in what appeared to be a tease towards the audience and a nod to say “look what we can do now”.

We got to see more of Monica this week (still not nearly enough however!) and her developing powers, which are a bit hard to fully peg at this stage, as well as a teaser for where she may be headed to next (Up).

Darcy also returned just in time to stop Director Hayward’s escape in the kind of way that only Darcy could, still driving the ice cream truck that she and Vision had stolen back in episode 7.

Wanda having to say goodbye to her sons and Vision had significant emotional impact, particularly her scene with Vision where she opened up and explained to him honestly how he and Westview had come about.

Now, fully embracing her “Scarlet Witch” persona and finally prepared to let go of the past, Wanda released the citizens of Westview, and flew off into the distance.

Make certain you stick around until after all the credits roll too, as we get a glimpse of where Wanda ended up. What that scene means, or where it will lead exactly is unknown, but what we heard during that scene were most definitely the voices of her son’s, Billy and Tommy.


I went into Wandavision with an open mind, and I have to say i enjoyed it. It isn’t the best series I have seen, but it was certainly an enjoyable romp and gave deeper insight into characters from the Avengers that haven’t had the screen time they should have had during the films.

By Tarkan

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