Mass Effect Andromeda: Four Years On

What can you say about this? Tarkan rediscovered this game recently and, well... It was a bit heartbreaking.

Mass Effect Andromeda.

Even saying it out loud, I can’t help but deliver it with a long, drawn out *sigh*.

For many, this was the letdown of 2017.

After seeing the culmination of review scores pile up, I decided to cancel my preorder and wait it out to see how things played out.

After a decent amount of time had passed, patches being released and prices falling, I finally sourced myself a copy, because as a die-hard fan of the original trilogy, it made sense for me to experience this next generation iteration.

I started it and played maybe around 6 – 8 hours before deciding that it wasn’t for me. Glitchy mechanics, too much open world-ness and less linearity made it more diffcult to navigate and a fluctuating difficulty of enemies just frustrated me more than it should have.

However, with all the anticipation surrounding the release of the Legendary Edition Remaster later this year, I decided to give Andromeda another crack. After all, it wouldn’t have been the first time I had put a game down after it failed to pique my interest only to rediscover it again at a later time.

So in I went. New Ryder created, new game started and I’m not going to lie, this time I was feeling it.

I loved my Ryder, I had come up with good battle tactics and I was more or less unbeatable, at least so I thought, until around 12 – 15 hours in.

So long, Ryder.

Whilst travelling around Voeld, I discovered and subsequently died fighting a giant flying remnant, not the end of the world, it happens.

However, from that point on my save file simply would not load.

I tried opening older saves, manual saves, auto saves. I deleted and reinstalled the game, I even rebuilt the database in the hope something, ANYTHING would get me back in, but alas, it was not meant to be.

Sadly, a disappointing end to a game that never truly saw its own potential.

At least, I suppose, we all have the Legendary Edition to look forward to in May. Until then, I guess it’s time for me to dust off the PS3…

By Tarkan

Thirty-something father of two who stays up later than he should to juggle playing video games, watching TV and working.